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Thursday, March 4, 2010

David Krimmel: Community Wheat HARvesT with Art Produce

David Krimmel

Last Sunday, we went to North Park, in a vacant lot between 28th and Gunn Street, to participate to the Community Wheat HARvesT project organized by David Krimmel and hosted by
Art Produce gallery. All the winter wheat was planted when we arrived! But the children enjoyed making some tags. David Krimmel, Lynn Susholtz, Leslie Ryan, Lori Lipsman where there.

September 11, 2010, everyone is welcome to come for the harvest and then come to Art Produce to treat the grain and then take it home. It should be interesting. I really like this idea of community/art events. The social aspect of the project is great. Outdoor/indoor project, ephemeral and participative, with no production of "stuff" (reference to David Adey's statement) and the idea to share in the end.

The seeds are planted in haystacks bales

After that, we went to Art Produce Gallery to see the new pieces on display in the show "The Future Imperfect of Cities, Landscapes and Dreams" (January 30 - March 7), an installation by Leslie Ryan, Philipp Bosshart, Deborah Forster & their students from New School of Architecture..

Before going home, we bought some California native plants in a nursery. We are beginning to switch to a more natural (and water saving) landscaping for the front yard.
"If the plants we have in our yards use a lot of water, they should be edible, otherwise they should not be there!" says Leslie Ryan (landscape architect) and I totally agree!

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