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Monday, October 19, 2009

Working on my upcoming show @ Art Produce Gallery

I am working and working for that show! I could have make a series of new paintings. But after all, I have carte blanche. So why not trying something new for me?
I am very excited to work with the space of the gallery. To do something which uses the transparency of the window, the length of the principal wall, the intimacy of the second room.
For that show I sketched a lot, to see how the things I am thinking about will fit in the space.

I went to Art Produce
between the shows and took a lot of photos, when the walls were bare. To think, to see. I am glad I am taking some risks for that show. I'll see how it goes. I am happy with the journey. If things are going like I think they should, it should be interesting. But many things could go wrong. Because there are many different medium to take care of.

Videos, drawings, photos, artifacts to bring from France, mural to paint on site, letters to apply on the window... There is a lot going on!

I will have to paint the whole mural in less than a week, and install everything else at the same time. I will have some helpers though! There will be not many things for sale. Things, like the letters and the mural, will disappear at the end of the show.

There will be a series of photos. I brought back from France some slides and then I asked my mother to send more. They arrived a few days ago. Nice memories.

I am still looking for the best ratio between price and quality that I can get for the prints. It will be quite expensive. I am pretty sure that I will ask Chrome Digital on Kettner blvd, they have a sale going on until the end of the month. Dennis is a really nice guy, I enjoyed talking with him the other day. I asked him to scan some slides (Lynn Susholtz, the director of the gallery, lends me a digital photo frame in which I will put a series of photos, I'll also use one for a video). Dennis asked me about the slides - the photos were taken in Africa in 1975. We talked about the wilderness. His trips into the wild take place in Alaska.

That was great to share that, in the middle of a morning where I was running from a place where I could possibly find a display case for the artifacts I want to have in the show, to another place where I was looking for nice but inexpensive frames...

I abandoned the idea to have the photos face-mounted with non-glare Plexiglas, it is way too expensive. But it is what I wanted. Because it is so beautiful and there is no need of a frame around, which I like very much.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I remember Sow's retrospective on the Pont des Arts in Paris!

Masai - mother and child - mixed media
courtesy "La Panse de L'Ours"

Masai - standing warrior, mixed media
courtesy "La Panse de L'Ours"

I just read that an ensemble of sculptures by Senegalese artist Ousmane Sow that were once shown on the Pont des Arts in Paris will be for sale at Christie's December 9. Proust's madeleine! Suddenly I was on the Pont des Arts again!

I was still living in Paris in May 1999. I remember the day I went to see the sculptures. I walked from my studio next to La Grande Halle de la Villette, in the XIX, to the Seine, taking my time, enjoying the walk, anticipating the joy to see Sow's work, one my favorite sculptors. I stayed a long time on that pedestrian bridge! Beautiful afternoon! Fantastic journey between Sioux, Peuls, Masai, Cheyennes, Zoulous... Unforgetable figures.
I took a lot of pictures but they are in France with a lot of other things I left there...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tony Larson / New Paintings & Prints @ Project X: Art

New paintings & prints by Tony Larson
Opening reception: Saturday, October 10th, from 6 to 10pm
Show runs October 6 - November 7, 2009
Gallery hours: M - F: 9 - 5; Sat 11 - 4

Project X: Art
320 South Cedros Ave

Suite 500
Solana Beach, CA
tel (858) 792-9685