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Sunday, March 14, 2010

KUU #0!

KUU #0

My friends artists Ivan Sigg and Eric Meyer created KUU, an art magazine! The first issue is available online. The magazine is about their collaborative work, their mail exchanges, their notes, their thoughts, the magazines' covers they transform. I am honored to be the first artist invited! There will be 2 issues per year.

From Ivan Sigg:

"KUU se prononce Cou-ou, ce qui signifie "le vide" en Japonais,
et c'est le nom que nous avons choisi de donner à notre revue.

Bonjour à tous.

Voilà un an qu'avec mon ami peintre Eric Meyer nous travaillons à ce projet avec l'idée de coucher sur papier ce que nous développons pendant l'année : échanges plastiques et graphiques, boomerangs postaux, carnets-blogs quotidiens, métamorphoses de UNES, observations sur la vie, typographies, couleurs... tout cela compilé en une revue ouverte et imprévisible.

Le numéro 0 vient donc de voir le jour, il est dès à présent disponible. Chaque exemplaire est accompagné d'une oeuvre originale réalisée à deux mains par Eric et moi-même (sur la quatrième de couverture restée blanche). Chaque KUU est donc un exemplaire unique !

Souhaitant ouvrir l'espace de notre revue à d'autres artistes еt à d'autres échanges nous avons invité notre ami peintre Michele Guieu à participer à ce premier opus.

Nous pensons éditer deux numéros par an

Pour tous renseignements complémentaires et pour commander la revue KUU :


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My portrait of Lynn Susholtz is installed in her studio!

"Lynn Susholtz", 2009, 6x[24"x24"], acrylic and ink on canvas.

The portrait I've made of Lynn Susholtz is now installed in her studio and it is a pleasure to see it there and to know it is there - where it belongs! I am honored that she loves it, it means a lot to me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Art Run to L.A.: The Hammer Museum and Bergamot Station

Saturday, March 6.

The Hammer Museum

Rachel Whiteread Drawings
(could not take any pictures of the show!)

In the lobby hall: Rob Fischer
Few Landmarks and No Boundaries,
,(Gymnasium flooring and hand-painted signs)

Private Whispers by Carmina Escobar

A two minutes concert for two persons. A man proposed to two of us to enter a small room under the stairs in the lobby hall. A woman greeted us, made us sit on chairs, asked us if it was OK to cover our heads with some fabric. Dark. And then she made noises with different objects, she whispered, very close to our ears. It was the strangest thing. But a nice surprise.

A pause at the museum's cafe.

"Process Art (Dead Man Don't Make Sculpture)"
by Nathan Maubry
Bronze, 87 x 58 x 41 inches

The sculpture, bought by the MCASD and the Hammer was in San Diego at the MCASD La Jolla last year.
See my post about it here.

Next stop: Giant Robot 2

"Asian American Pop Culture and Beyond"

2062 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles CA 9002

The stickers vending machine at GR.

You don't really know what you get until you look inside the small folder the machine delivers after you pay 4x25c.

Next stop: Bergamot Station

Shoshanna Wayne Gallery
Oliver Michaels
: Museum Postcards
March 6th – April 3rd

Frank Lloyd Gallery
Larry Bell: Portraits of Joan / New Collages

Greenfield Sacks Gallery

Joe Goode: "Golden Dreams"

William Turner Gallery
Mikel Alatza - Kadir Lopez

A view of the gallery - work by Kadir Lopez

All the following portraits by Mikel Alatza

Luis de Jesus Los Angeles

Daniel Tierney / The best laid plans are made in ruins

First Luis de Jesus Los Angeles' opening. The main space shows Daniel Tierney's paintings.

I am curious and interested to see how the installation "John Henry" by David Adey (currently at the Athenaeum in la Jolla) will work in that space.

Daniel Tierney

the group show room

The second room presents a group show including San Diego based artists Brian Dick, Jason Sherry, David Adey and Lael Corbin. I wish them the best in this new adventure and I hope to come to see some of their upcoming solo shows!

Federico Solmi's piece


David Adey

Jason Sherry

Brian Dick

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daniel Tierney @ Luis De Jesus Los Angeles / Tonight , Saturday, March 6

Tonight is the first opening of the newly relocated Luis de Jesus gallery, now "Luis de Jesus Los Angeles".

Daniel Tierney
The best laid plans are made of ruin
+ a group show including Brian Dick, David Adey, Jason Sherry.
Opening reception Saturday, March 6, 2010
March 6 - April 3, 2010

Luis de Jesus Los Angeles
2525 Michigan Avenue
Bergamot Station F2
Santa Monica, CA 90404
T +1 310 453 7773

Friday, March 5, 2010

Four shows opening tonight in San Diego / Friday, March 5

Dark Dreams

Twelve Years of Drawings by Hugo Crosthwaite

March 5th - 20th

Presented in conjunction with the San Diego Museum of Art exhibition Brutal Beauty, focusing on the work of Hugo Crosthwaite.

Noel-Baza Fine Art

2165 India Street
San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 876-4160

Collaborative work by Conrad Mescheski and Maura Vaurakas

reception: Friday, March 5, 2010
6:00pm - 9:00pm
The Garage

4141 Alabama Street #4 /Garage
San Diego CA 92104


Silvia Valentino Karabashlieva
opening: Friday, March 5, 2010 at 5:00pm

March 5 - March 31, 2010

Sophie's Gallery & Gift Shop NTC (@Liberty Station)
2690 Historic Decatur Road
Barracks 19
San Diego, CA 92106

March 4 – April 24, 2010
Hosted Exhibition Reception: March 5, 6-9 PM
Exhibition introduction by curator Brian Goeltzenleuchter at 7 pm
Hours for FAMILY MATTERS Wednesday – Friday 1 – 6pm

Family Matters introduces Sushi’s audience to a group of artists who reflect on the esoteric legacies of the avant-garde through work that is formally- if paradoxically – influenced by popular entertainment. Curated by Brian Goeltzenleuchter, artists and performers featured in Family Matters include: The Cedar Tavern Singers, Lisa Hutton, Andrew Kaufman, Lauren Tyler Norby, Oscar Prinsen, Donna Stack.

Sushi Performance & Visual Art

390 Eleventh Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Thursday, March 4, 2010

David Krimmel: Community Wheat HARvesT with Art Produce

David Krimmel

Last Sunday, we went to North Park, in a vacant lot between 28th and Gunn Street, to participate to the Community Wheat HARvesT project organized by David Krimmel and hosted by
Art Produce gallery. All the winter wheat was planted when we arrived! But the children enjoyed making some tags. David Krimmel, Lynn Susholtz, Leslie Ryan, Lori Lipsman where there.

September 11, 2010, everyone is welcome to come for the harvest and then come to Art Produce to treat the grain and then take it home. It should be interesting. I really like this idea of community/art events. The social aspect of the project is great. Outdoor/indoor project, ephemeral and participative, with no production of "stuff" (reference to David Adey's statement) and the idea to share in the end.

The seeds are planted in haystacks bales

After that, we went to Art Produce Gallery to see the new pieces on display in the show "The Future Imperfect of Cities, Landscapes and Dreams" (January 30 - March 7), an installation by Leslie Ryan, Philipp Bosshart, Deborah Forster & their students from New School of Architecture..

Before going home, we bought some California native plants in a nursery. We are beginning to switch to a more natural (and water saving) landscaping for the front yard.
"If the plants we have in our yards use a lot of water, they should be edible, otherwise they should not be there!" says Leslie Ryan (landscape architect) and I totally agree!