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Monday, February 28, 2011

Celebrating Womanhood @ The Front

I have two recent pieces (mixed media on paper) in this show. I would have love to go but unfortunately I will not be able to.

Casa Familiar’s THE FRONT: A Collaborative of Art, Culture, Design & Urbanism
147 W. San Ysidro Blvd
San Ysidro CA 92173

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 3, from 6 to 11pm.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tonight: CITYBEAT COVERS ART @ Alexander Salazar Fine Art

“CityBeat has been showcasing local artists on our cover for years and no one has ever taken the initiative to put together an exhibition. I’m excited that Alexander Salazar Fine Art-the Energizer Bunny of the local art scene-took an interest in our covers and decided to spend the energy to put together this show. I think the breadth and depth of the San Diego art scene will finally be shown off in an awesome way, and I hope Alexander decides to make this a big annual event.”

-Kinsee Morlan, Arts Editor, San Diego CityBeat

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are: Patrick Dougherty's intallation, The Nature of Entanglements is on view at the Palo Alto Art Center

Sustainable, ephemeral, interactive public art

Today I received a Facebook message from Square Cylinder with a link to a very interesting article by David Roth about an installation by Patrick Dougherty in Palo Alto. There was also a video which I watched with my kids. They were really excited and they asked if we could go see "the houses" right away. They were ready in two minutes, we were there less than 15 mn later!

I was not aware of that work being built so close to where I live. Too bad, because the making of each piece by Patrick Dougherty seems to be an adventure in itself. But this afternoon little trip was amazing. And to see the enthusiasm of the children made it even more enjoyable.

I love that installation. I just finished a video for my class about the kids constructing a fort for fairies (they are an endangered species) with pieces of wood, grass and pine cones. Several days of just being there, with them, watching them. Where the real things are.

The Nature of Entanglements by Patrick Dougherty
Installation on view at the Palo Art Center until January 30, 2012.
1313 Newell Road
Palo Alto CA 94303
The Center is open to the public without charge:
Tuesday-Saturday: 10 pm to 5 pm
Sunday: 1 pm to 5 pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 7 pm to 10 pm

Defragmentation / Face (video)

This video is part of the installation "Defragmentation: Rearranging Bits and Pieces of Memory".

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Billboard Art Project

Here's a very interesting project (ephemeral public art) I am participating in! There are two upcoming deadlines: one for Nashville, TN, the other one for Savannah, GA.

From the website:
24 hours of uninterrupted, noncommercial musing created for your viewing pleasure by local, national, and international artists.

The Billboard Art Project is an ongoing exercise wherein LED billboards for advertising will be explored as an artistic medium.

The project is open to all artists and will travel to various locations throughout the country to encourage a varietal dissemination of styles and philosophies. The public nature will provide alternative venues in which art can be viewed by inadvertent bystanders as well as those who seek it out, thereby promoting a dialogue beyond the usual circles.

The Billboard Art Project

The Billboard Art Project on Facebook

CNN Online Hot Topics Tonight

Rainy Days

Thursday, February 17, 2011

City Beat Covers Art Exhibition

A Time To Heal, 2008, 24x24"
Plexiglas face mounted archival digital print
Limited edition of 5

I am participating in an upcoming group show at Alexander Salazar Fine Art in San Diego. The piece is a print of the digital image which made the cover of the San Diego City Beat in June 2009. The show is entirely about the art pieces printed over three years on the cover of the City Beat. It's a pretty good idea to show them together. I regret I cannot be there to see the show. I hope to see some photos!

CITYBEAT Covers Art (2008, 2009 and 2010 covers)

From February 22 to March 1, 2011.

Artist Reception: February 24th

Alexander Salazar Fine Art
1040 7th Avenue

San Diego, CA 92101

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Price of Democracy

copyright © CNN

From Joelle Paris

Received a beautiful card from my friend Joelle Paris who lives in Paris. I wanted to know if it is wood carving or else.

She sent me two images to show me the technique: one image of some of the erasers she carved (s
he carves both sides not to loose any space).

And one photo showing this year's image and the image she made in 1995. Same technique, 16 years apart.
Joelle writes: "Entre ces 2 versions, 16 ans se sont écoulés, il y a 2 enfants de plus sur l'image et 1 chat en moins..." (Between the two images, 16 years passed by, there are two more kids and one less cat...)

I love the bold result and the simplicity of the material!

At the time when 2000 post offices are about to close in the US, I feel sad that today what we get in the mail is essentially junk. It always brightens the day when I find a "real mail" in the pile of catalogs, fliers for fast food and offers for car insurances (which go directly to the recycling bin).

Thank you my friends!