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Monday, October 11, 2010

Lucy, Darwin and Me / video

A 12 mn video part of my solo exhibition, "Lucy, Darwin and Me", at Art Produce Gallery in San Diego, December 2009 - January 2010.

It was videotaped in Anza Borrego State Park, Southern California, in 2009.

More information:
Photos of the exhibition
Photos of the Exhibition 2
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Essais by Katherine Sweetman (SDVAN)
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Monday, October 4, 2010

CoMa @ Edgeware Gallery

"Behind the Iron Curtain"
One of the pieces shown at Mission Cafe, March 2010

Conrad Mecheski and Maura Vazakas
"Insider / Outsider" group show, The Garage, September 2009
in front of one of their collaborative pieces

I had the pleasure to see the collaborative work of Maura Vazakas and Conrad Mecheski on three occasions: at the Garage (group show "Insider/Outsider") in the fall 2009, at the Garage and at Mission Cafe downtown San Diego last spring.

I regret not to be able to see this new show at Edgeware Gallery, but the video is really nice to understand how the two artists collaborate and to see some of their new pieces.
I have always been fascinated by collaborative art work and I am following this work with a lot of interest!

From the press release
Edgeware Gallery is proud to present:

CoMa - A collaboration of Conrad Mecheski and Maura Vazakas

Show Runs Until Nov. 14, 2010

CoMa is a collaboration of Conrad Mecheski and Maura Vazakas. They paint simultaneously, sometimes adding, some-times deleting. They have explored text, figure and abstraction in a poetic form both verbally and visually as line and shape. Conrad and Maura learn to accept the process as something that has no formulated or contrived idea of end result. It is a mystery. They must agree when the work is finished. It puts them in the present moment when the joyous creativity is truly happening.

In conclusion, their work has always been about the relationship of two individuals joining together on one surface.

A portion of the sale of their artwork is donated to the Autism Research Institute ( in San Diego, California.

Edgeware Gallery
4186 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116

Phone: 619.534.8120

Gallery Hours

Friday: 5pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday: 2pm-7pm

artists' contacts

Friday, October 1, 2010

A National Park for the coves near Marseille, France: "Les Calanques"

Les Calanques: Sormiou, Le Canape, cove's left bank

My mom is 76 and she is doing an amazing job working endlessly (at least for 20 years now) for the creation of a National Park near Marseille, France. She lives there, that's where she studied biology at the University before I was born. When we go to France to visit her, we always go to the Calanques. They are a breath taking place, one of the most incredible ones I know - but dangerously close to the town of Marseille.

"Les Calanques", the site my mom and a lot of dedicated people want to transform into a National Park, is a very special place along the Mediterranean sea: white cliffs plunging in the water, secluded coves, old pine trees and a reach flora and fauna.

My mom goes to the Calanques very often (as I did when I lived in Marseille) - she hikes there and she also guides group of people to explain the geology of the site.
She is very passionate about the subject, goes to meetings, writes letters, participates in conferences. It takes a great amount of patience, of work, to convince so many people that the creation of the national park is an absolute necessity or the site will be constructed and anything can happen.

She sends me photos she takes, different days, different lights. Here are some of them.

Maïre, Cap Croisette

Sugiton cove from the trail


I hope to have her energy if I reach her age.
Mom, you are an inspiration, thank you for what you are doing!
And I hope the National Park for the coves near Marseille will be a reality very soon!

Sugiton cove (where I spent lots of Sundays when I was a child -
one hour hike to get to the cove)

Les Goudes, Ile Maïre (all photos Denise Guieu)

If you want to read more (in French!) about the creation of the National Park, please visit:
"Un Parc National pour les Calanques".