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Friday, June 19, 2009

Participate in Brenda Regier's project: "Re Envisioning a World Beyond Borders"

3 photos I took with my cell phone that I sent to the project.
(Pacific Beach, San Diego)

Re Envisioning a World Beyond Borders: A global cell phone project for generation Y and beyond. In collaboration with Qualcomm and Beyond the Border International Contemporary Art Fair. Artist: Brenda Regier.

I signed up for this project and I started sending photos from my cell phone.
We'll see what happens. People from all over the world are participating!

Log on and register at: (ReEnvisioning)
Selected photos will be included in an exhibition to be held at the Beyond the Border International Contemporary Art Fair, San Diego on Sept. 2nd-4th, 2009.


Kevin Freitas said...

Yet another corporate sponsored somnambulistic project destined to bring culture to the masses - ugh!

Brenda Alexander-Regier said...

I think if you visit the project on FLICKR you will have to change your mind. This is a project that dialogues visually around the globe. Its a way of "seeing" what other cultures "see" - notice the similarities and the technologies. This was conducted as an open ended exploration and proved to be a pleasurable experience for all the participants. Risk it - participate - perhaps you will enjoy it!