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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Glasshaus building First Anniversary

Device Gallery, at the entrance of the building

Last Saturday night was the first anniversary of the Glasshaus. What a beautiful building! Located in Barrio Logan, it is a huge space divided in several artists studios of different sizes. The owners kept a large space where there is no studio in the middle so it feels very open. It was my first visit to the newly relocated Device Gallery, which I visited several times when it was in La Jolla. The space in Barrio Logan fits the works of the artists better, although the building is kind of isolated from other art venues right now.

I would love to work in a space like that. I reminds me of a warehouse I shared in the suburb of Paris for a few years with other artists. The really nice thing about that is to see other artist's work in progress, to discuss projects and share ideas, and to be able to have open studios.

Greg Brotherton
(creator and owner of Device Gallery with Amy Brotherton),
Electrolux Deathray, (Electrolux, steel, machined aluminum)

Pieces by Rich Muller
(one of DeviceGallery's artist)

piece by Stephane Halleux (one of Device Gallery's artist)

The large passage between the studios
on the left:"Mercury 5000", by Greg Brotherton, 1998

At the bottom, right, the entrance of Michael Maas studio.
All the partly rusted doors are custom made.

View of Michael Maas studio.

views of different studios

Galsshaus Building
1815-B Main Street

San Diego, CA 92113

Device Gallery

By appointment only

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