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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tis the season

Last week at school (4th grade): owl pellet dissection



Jane is a said...

India and I went to the midnight showing of HP when it opened. Have you read the book? What did you think? I really admired it for it's bleakness--very brave and true to the text.

Michele Guieu said...

Kyle and I read the book, the kids are not there yet (I cannot believe Milo is already reading - devouring I should say - book #5). I was not sure it was a good idea to take them see the last movie, but they did not see any of them in a theater and that was (almost) the last occasion they had to do so.
They enjoyed the journey very much despite the rampant darkness.

I love the pace, the crazy work with the dim light and the unbelievable landscapes they found (and CGIed I guess!). Dark and beautiful.