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Thursday, February 3, 2011

From Joelle Paris

Received a beautiful card from my friend Joelle Paris who lives in Paris. I wanted to know if it is wood carving or else.

She sent me two images to show me the technique: one image of some of the erasers she carved (s
he carves both sides not to loose any space).

And one photo showing this year's image and the image she made in 1995. Same technique, 16 years apart.
Joelle writes: "Entre ces 2 versions, 16 ans se sont écoulés, il y a 2 enfants de plus sur l'image et 1 chat en moins..." (Between the two images, 16 years passed by, there are two more kids and one less cat...)

I love the bold result and the simplicity of the material!

At the time when 2000 post offices are about to close in the US, I feel sad that today what we get in the mail is essentially junk. It always brightens the day when I find a "real mail" in the pile of catalogs, fliers for fast food and offers for car insurances (which go directly to the recycling bin).

Thank you my friends!

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