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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Buck Tuesdays / Tuesday May 17

It is the first time I am going to 2BT at Kaleid Gallery (3rd Tuesday of each month). Really nice and friendly ambiance. Artists share some of their techniques, there is some cool music and delicious fresh treats. It is a community event, most of the demo/hands-on are free. I find the idea very generous!

DJ COCO graced the night with a mix of French pop songs from the sixties and seventies! I was greeted by Sheila's version of "Bang Bang" - how cool is that? I've never heard that many French songs in one night since I live in the US. Polnareff, Annie Cordie, Lio, Sheila, France Gall and more! I could not resist to take some pictures of the vinyls covers.

Annie Cordy


Billboard with art by many different artists: $2 each.

Joanne Yada and Courtney Thiesen have their blog: Crafting for Cheapskates

Joanne and Courtney proposed a fun hands-on workshop: using recycled plastic bags, layering them and hardening them by ironing, taped and painted, they turn into colorful wallets with a minimum of material.

Troy Sims / Simsartworld
Embossed paper demo: really nice to see all the steps shown by Troy Sims with his own images, made of layers of cardboard (from shoe boxes) glued together - he can then use the different layers for the different depths of the image.

Live painting / Andre Hart working on "That Weary Tune"

Laura Callin Bennett / hand carved linoleum block hands-on.
Really nice for the visitors to experience some of the techniques and understand more some of the processes used by the artists.

The table in the middle: Super yummy mini-gourmet cupcakes and Italian bread by Amber Rogers and Theresa Dunnavant!

Cupcakes: Amber Rogers / Sweet Disposition
Italian Bread: Theresa Dunnavant
2 pieces of bread and two cupcakes for $2!

Drawings by Suhita /

she is working on her watercolors on the spot: a scene from the evening at the gallery.

Nathan Vargas / Nathan's Juxl Puzzle /
Nathan invented a drawing game with just a few rules and endless possibilitities.

David Mejia / portraits

Lacey gave tomato plants for free. I take one when I left: a Brandywine.

Alive, relaxed, dynamic and friendly - I'll go back!

Kaleid Gallery
88 South Fourth Street
San Jose, CA

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Friday, Noon - 7pm
Saturday, Noon - 5pm

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