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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

When we left Sunnyvale the sky was bright; when we arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge, like very often in San Francisco in the summer, it was foggy and cold and it felt like it was another season. We put on warm clothes on and walked the bridge (only half of it and back, a 1.7m loop).
I realized that the bridge is really high above the water, the boats look like toys.
When one walks on the bridge, one can see the water far below between the concrete slabs. The slabs are very thin: only 2 or 3 inches. The strange thing was that it was really windy up there and still, the fog would not go away. I was struck by the number of the warning signs, specially those concerning jumping off the bridge.

From Fort Point (Marine Drive)

After the walk, we drove to Fort Point, below the parking lot. Then we went back up and drove across the bridge to Vista Point Overlook, where there is a view of the bridge from the North.

From Vista Point Overlook, North of the bridge


Lori said...

I miss being able to walk the Golden Gate Bridge on a regular basis. I have done it many times. Thanks for bringing back many memories. I LOVE that bridge and hopefully will be back to walk it many more times.

Michele Guieu said...

One more thing we have to do together when you come up here! This walk is really impressive, I'd love to do the whole loop soon!

Richard Gleaves said...

Any surfers out at Fort Point?

Michele Guieu said...

No, not that day. Looks like a very unlikely place to surf to me but apparently it is very well known for that!