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Friday, October 24, 2008

Dada Dinner

Our Dada Dinner is coming up and our "Dada team" is actively preparing everything we need for that very special night, with our 6 special guests. The Dada Dinner / Exquisite Corpse is part of a series of dinners: "Eat you Art Out", organized by the SDVAN, as a fundraiser for the organization. I will tell more about our Dada dinner and how it went in a few days! Dave Ghilarducci came up with the Dada theme and then Kevin Freitas and myself joined him. And our spouses did too! So now we have a pretty amazing team of 6 people. We imagined it like a very surrealistic play. I think the dinner will be something to remember.
Here are the tools I am using to "paint" some fabric for the dinner. I bought the whole set of used kitchen tools for a few dollars at the thrift store and I am having a lot of fun using them!