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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The house which becomes a purse

At the New Children's Museum in San Diego Saturday afternoon.
Materials available: cardboard, tape, wooden sticks, scissors liquid glue and glue sticks. Straws, pipe cleaners and tape coming in different colors.


Gavon said...

Hi there! One of my colleagues here at The New Children's Museum stumbled upon this clip. What a fabulous creation!

I'd love to post the video on NCM's blog.

We're glad to hear your family had a good time. Hope you'll be back soon!


Michele Guieu said...

Hi Gavon, I am glad you like the video. Thank you for posting it on the NCM site. We are members and we go to the NCM quite often. The climbing wall, the pillow fight room and the construction area (wooden blocks and other materials) are my kids' favorite areas.
Yes, we'll be back soon!