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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Session 3 with the 5th Graders - Doodling


Session 3 - Doodling. Approximately one and a half hours.
Starting with one element (preferably somewhere in the center area of the page).
Adding from there by proximity and expanding the drawing.
: a black fine line marker.

At the beginning of the session, I showed the students a short Power Point presentation with a series of examples of abstract doodling. I want them to feel at ease with the idea of doodling without having to "represent" anything and to try to let go and draw whatever idea comes to their hand. For those who wanted to do otherwise, they could - of course. 

In some cases, the doodles were abstract at the beginning and became representational somewhere along the way: like the ones with the women and their long decorated dresses.

I encouraged the students to do only one doodle during the session, to see where they could go, by adding more and more elements. But if they wanted, they could get another sheet of paper and start another doodle.

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