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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Session 4 with the 5th Graders - Doodling 2

Session 4 - Doodling. Approximately one and a half hours.
Starting with one element. Adding from there by proximity and expanding the drawing.
Tool: a black fine line marker and a fine point Sharpie.

For this second session of doodling we talked about using "representational" elements and about the fact that representational doodles are often either a collection of elements or constitute a story.

To inspire the students, and because doodling is often associated with another activity (listening to music, the radio, giving a phone call), I proposed to them to listen to Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

Steve Jobs' death a few days earlier was the occasion for the teacher to talk with the students about his impact and his legacy.

The commencement speech at Stanford is a powerful speech, maybe not very cheerful but right to the point: "Love what you do - Follow your Heart", through three short stories. Steve Jobs talks about connecting the dots and the circumstances of his birth, then what happened when he was fired by Apple and finally when he was diagnosed with cancer and his close encounter with death. He finished his speech with these famous words: "Stay Hungry, stay foolish".

I thought it could be a wonderful inspiration for the students. But the doodle did not have to include elements of the speech.

They started doodling as the speech started and then we talked about it. When the speech was finished, the students continued doodling listening to the speech a second time.

Along the way, their doodling included more and more "visual" elements from the speech.

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