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Friday, August 8, 2008

Guillaume Cherel on the Road - back to San Diego

French writer Guillaume Cherel was back from Mexico City last Sunday. He is spending the week with us in San Diego before to go back to Los Angeles. Then he will go to New Orleans and New York, the end of his 3 months trip "on the road again", 5o years after Jack Kerouac. His book about his trip should be published next year in France.

Guillaume Cherel's notebooks

Nice week, nice evenings, lot of wine, margaritas and good food. And of course endless conversations about Guillaume's trip, his impressions of the United States and Mexico. He showed us his little notebooks with super heroes on the cover.

We took him to the "wall" which separates the U.S and Mexico in Tijuana Estuary - border field state park. The border patrol was there: helicopters hovering above the area, cars, trucks. vigils are on the hills, standing for hours. From where we park, it takes 15 mn walking to go to the wall. It is a road but one cannot drive on it. It is reserved for the border patrol. It is a strange walk, we were watched, that's for sure. We went to the wall, made of rusted corrugated metal. It is not impressive, neither thick nor tall, but it is there and it is a very strange and disturbing sight.
The empty U.S. side with the state park contrasts with Tijuana's side where the houses touch the wall: Tijuana is right there.

Guillaume with Milo and Harper

Guillaume brought back from Mexico brightly colored Luchadors' masks and toys Luchadors for the kids, I love them! I took some pictures and I want to do a painting or may be a series, we'll see.

Tomorrow Kyle takes Guillaume sailing all day on his friend's boat, it is a cool race to Coronado's Islands, in Mexico, just a few hours South - and back.


Kevin Freitas said...

Ah yes, Sir Guillaume, this french guy who thinks he can come to San Diego and turn us all into Luchadors for Art. What nerve! What panasch! What bravado!

Anonymous said...

there are many who find the border fence "strange and disturbing" as I certainly do...Enjoyed the photos with the kids...good luck Guillaume!

Anna said...

Nice blog. I enjoyed going through it this evening. I see that my blog comes through your blog feed, too. Looking at those pictures, I wish I had your artistic talents!

Michele Guieu said...

Thank you Anna! I enjoy reading your blog too! Tonight I was reading your post: "A fence is no barrier for a kiss in Tijuana" , and I was thinking I would like to go to that place.
I took a lot of picture of the fence (US side) and I painted one painting, "the border" (
Guillaume Cherel suggests that a group of artists should go there and paint a section of the fence and make an event of it. I don't know if it was done before on the US side...I know that the Mexican side of the fence has a lot of paintings but I never saw them.