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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mood: Kick Ass

Rebelle Boutique:
Rochelle - Claire de Lune - faux watch
"The top is made of fabric and felt, embrodered
with lots of pearl beads and carefully hand stitched
and enhanced with appliqué motifs"

She studied art in la Sorbonne in Paris, travelled and moved a lot, she now lives in San Diego and she is the designer behind "Rebelle et Tais-toi". She creates "a collection of
one of a kind art-clothing" with vintage fabrics, threads, beads, paper, recycled object and materials... On her Etsy website she gives poetic names to each item and describes them with humor, using French and English in a savory mix:
La Neige- Sweet Homy - Felt Pin Broche
La citrouille - Pumpink Home - Felt Pin Broche
Sac a commissions - ACE of club - Tote bag - Green Vegan Shoping bag

In an interesting post I read in Pretty Little Love Objects, she describes her work: "Conceptually, I am playing with opposites "fashion clichés" like glamour and bad taste, sexy and naïve, old and new, pure and rococo, chic and vulgar, classic and kitsch, tradition and avant-garde and create designs that push the style up to the edge. I like the insecurity that this mix of styles and influences stimulates and makes the result move back and forth between different styles. I am finding my inspiration in the huge catalogue of art history as well as in the street or inTV pop culture."

I was lucky enough the other day to see her collection "for real": I visited her in her home, and I loved what I saw. After we talked for a while about her latest creations, I was excited to ask for a custom order, as she really encourages people interested in her creations to do so. In a few weeks I will discover the object she created for me!
I bought the blue faux-watch and wore it right away. I no longer wear a watch but this one of course is very special - and unique!

Mood: Kick Ass

When I left, she proposed me to choose a "mood pin" within her collection. I don't remember all the different moods, but when I saw "Kick Ass" I knew that was the one I wanted! We laughed. It's on my favorite jacket now.

Bravo Rebelle et bonne route (c'est bien parti on dirait)!

Rebelle Boutique on Etsy


rebelleboutique said...

Michelle, thank you for such a nice blog about what I do, you eally made my day. It was a pleasure to show you my collection and talk about art, I enjoyed it a lot. Your custom bag (gift) is half way thru, going along pretty well, I found a lot of fabrics for it and I am now finishing the master piece for the front pocket. It's going to be an intricated "painting" made of embroderies and textures... Might be ready for your oppening on Saterday ;-)).
Have a wonderfull day !!!! et merci encore de me donner la chance de montrer mes créations.

Michele Guieu said...

I cannot wait to see the bag, it is great to use something an artist I know made, it makes me feel special!