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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Un Jour Une Oeuvre: Jean & Julia

"Jean & Julia", 2008, mixed media, 24x36 inches

A few weeks ago I learned about a new blog: "Un Jour Une Oeuvre" (in French) through Ivan Sigg's blog. Ivan was very enthusiastic about it, I found the project very interesting - and of a gigantic scale (the very first idea was to numerize and regroup at the same place ALL the art ever made!). Here's the idea: Alexis Monville posts the photo of an art piece each day (it can be a painting, a sculpture, an installation, a print, a photo - any period of time, any place...). Comments are welcome. Ivan proposed a grid to analyze the art pieces and already wrote three texts:
Ivan finally met Alexis a few days ago in Paris and they talked about how to develop the project. I read "Un Jour une Oeuvre" regularly. I sent some comments to Alexis: in response to Edward Hopper's Nighthawks, I posted a link to Bansky's.

I guess Alexis visited my website and a few days ago he asked me if he could post a photo of one of my paintings, "Jean & Julia", on "Un jour une Oeuvre." I was surprised and touched!

I painted "Jean & Julia"at the beginning of this year. I am particularly attached to that painting. It has a story: I made it for my friend Julia. At the beginning it was a painting her husband (and a dear friend of mine too) asked me to make for her, and not for a particularly occasion. It is the second time someone asks me something similar and each time it is quite an emotional adventure.
I asked Jean to give me some photos of them together and also some texts she specially likes. I saw Jean several times, it was always interesting to have his input. As I was working on the painting I realized that it had to be a gift from me.
I will never forget that Julia bought the first paintings I sold since I moved to California. She bought them because she likes them. Sincerely. I am very grateful about the trust she puts in my work. It means a lot to me.

"Jean & Julia" (first version), 2008, mixed media, 24x36 inches

I painted a first version of "Jean &Julia" which I like very much but which is darker and I was not sure that Julia would like to see it every day. I decided to paint another one, and this time I knew that Julia would find herself in it.

The day Jean and I gave the painting to Julia there was a lot of emotion (and some confusion about who started the idea of the portrait!). In the end, it is a gift from Jean and I: I love the idea.

"Jean & Julia" was part of my solo show at the San Diego Art Institute in June/July 2008.

link to "Jean & Julia" in "Un jour, Une Oeuvre"


J and J said...


Indeed it was very emotional for me when you and Jean gave me the painting. I am always touched when I see it, especially in unexpected places such as your today post!

This painting is very special to me for different reasons. It has been painted by a very close friend of mine, Jean and I are the main characters, and I find it beautiful. I mean that I just love to look at it regardless of the artist or of its content. I have a very special personal relationship with this painting.

I like a lot the first version too, although it feels indeed a little darker. It seems to me quite different from the “official” version despite the fact that they both originate from the same picture. I guess it is part of your talent to capture the essence of the picture and transpose it into any “environment” or atmosphere you like.

Wish you the best :)

Michele Guieu said...

Merci Julia!