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Friday, December 12, 2008

Art Tap-Out # 2 at Agitprop


A very interesting and entertaining Art Tap-Out took place at Agitprop in North Park last Saturday, december 6!

There were 5 rounds /5 artists:
Andy Hunter
Eric Wixon
Zac Monday
Jesse Mockrin
and the mysterious artist was David White. By the time it was his turn, the battery of my camera was empty so there is no video of the critic of his piece...

Critic: Kevin Freitas / Art As Authority.
Referee: David White - director of Agitprop.

Round 1: Andy Hunter (part 1)

Round 1: Andy Hunter (part 2)

Round 2: Andy Hunter (part 3)

Round 2: Eric Wixon (part 1)

Round 2: Eric Wixon (part 2)

Kevin Freitas with Zac Monday's piece

Round 3: Zac Monday (part 1)

Round 3: Zac Monday (part 2)

Kevin Freitas and Jesse Mockrin's piece

Round 4: Jesse Mockrin

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