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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Garage Gallery: "Lotion + Salve + Mud + Shit = Paint"

On the left paintings by Irene Abraham

Karen Bernauner, Larry Caveney and Bruce Mattis
behind: paintings by
Marie Prainito-Winczer.

Maura Vazakas, Larry Caveney, Effi Karakaidos,
me, Richard Gleaves and Irene Abraham.
Behind us paintings by Gary Byrd.

Larry and me - paintings by Irene Abraham.

Last Friday I went to the Garage Gallery for the opening of the exhibition: "Lotion + Salve + Mud + Shit = Paint". Surprisingly colorful and poetic, the exhibition has not much (nothing?) to do with what the title is about... A lot of people showed up and I had a good time.
I even bought a small painting by an artist I did not know before coming to the exhibition: Maria R. Prainito. I do not have a good picture of it but I will post one soon.
I like the energy Larry Caveney puts in The Garage. It looks to me like a courageous adventure, specially these days.

Paintings by: Gary Byrd, Connie Bostic, Irene Abraham, Marie Prainito-Winczer.

The Garage Gallery
4141 Alabama Street #4,
San Diego, CA 92104 US

Larry Caveney:

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