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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

University of San Diego (USD) Art Department Faculty Exhibition 2009

Room 1
In the back, in the alcove, the series of drawings by Iana Quesnell

Iana Quesnell, "The Blue Danube Waltz" (animation cells)
graphite on paper, 2009.


Since the Circa Series at the MCASD La Jolla in 2007, where I first saw her drawings, I am always very interested to see what Iana Quesnell is working on.
"The Blue Danube Waltz" consists in 60 drawings of 60 poses so far. I was already very intrigued by the series of drawings as it is, but I got the chance to talk to Iana at the opening and she told me more about this project in progress. Now I am very curious to see the result in a few months. This is fascinating. She took a video of herself, re-enacting a scene of 2001 Space Odyssey (where the primate uses the bone as a weapon for the first time). She then started to draw each frame from the video. In the end there should be 600 drawings (10 times what is displayed in this show!). They will be animated and the audio will be "The BLue Danube Waltz", featured in 2001 Space Odyssey when the spaceship is travelling.


John Halaka, "A Journey with no Return",
2007-2008, oil on canvas, quadryptique.

Christopher Adler, "Hector Mine, 2 channel audio 6:46", 2004.

"Chronologically presented sonifications of seismic event data from Southern California between October 3 and November5, 1999, surrounding the 7.7 magnitude earthquake "Hector Mine" of October 16, 1999, centered in the Mojave Desert. The work plays on loop."

Room 2
On the left, Joe Yorty's prints.

Joe Yorty, Untitled (camper shells),
6 ultrachrome prints on cotton paper.

Adam Belt
top: "Sight and Sounds, Voyager", watercolor on paper, 2008.
bottom left: "Sight and Sounds, PARI radio telescopes",
watercolor on paper, 2008.
bottom right: "Sight and Sounds, VLA radio telescope",
watercolor on paper, 2008.

Allison Wiese, "Every man a king but no one wears a crown", high intensity sheeting on aluminum, 2007. "Root Hog or Die", high intensity sheeting on aluminum, 2006.

University of San Diego Art Department Faculty Exhibition 2009
Christopher Adler, Adam Belt, Neal Bociek, Andy Cross, Adriana Cuellar, John Halaka, Bill Kelly, Maryann Luera, Duncan McCosker, Saba Oskoui, Iana Quesnell, Mike Rich, Bekkah Walker, Allison Wiese and Joe Yorty.
March 18 - May 24, 2009

Fine Arts Galleries
Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice

5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA, 619/260-4261

Gallery Hours
Wednesdays - Thursdays 12:00 - 6:00 pm
Fridays - Saturdays, 12:00 - 4:00 pm

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