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Monday, July 6, 2009

Notes from Baja

In Tijuana, on the road to Ensenada: the old fence and behind it, the new one.

The new fence

On the road to Ensenada

In Ensenada

"El Alcobar"

"El Hombre Ballena" (The Whale Man)
by Alfonso Arambula

"El Hombre Ballena" (detail)


Taqueria "El trailero" in El Sauzal

Evening in San Miguel

In the morning

On the road back to Tijuana

In Tijuana

Waiting at the border


alfonso arambula said...

hola Michele,, I am Alfonso Arambula the sculptor of THE WALLE MAN ,, muchas gracias for you contribution ,, your pictur is great and thanks for inclide my art in your blog.

my girl friend Bernie and me we are creating the posebilety of film a chort movie about the walle man ,,we will have it ready next january ,oin us you are wellcome to come and join us for the inauguration .

Michele Guieu said...

Hola Alfonso, I love that sculpture! It would be great to come to Ensenada and join you for the inauguration! Thanks for the proposition - please keep in touch.