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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Notes About These Days

Spending a lot of time with the kids. No summer camp until next week and that's OK.
Going to the beach in the morning.
Overcast skies.
Tiny flies on the piles of seaweeds.
They fly away each time someone walks by.

The kids laughing in the waves.
White Zinc on the Face.
Me, a little bit worried about the waves! Shiny wetsuits.
Together, standing in the middle of a sea of white foam.
The sound of the waves, non stop.

Pelicans fishing.
Seagulls stealing food in people's bags.

Looking at the people walking on the beach, one of my favorite subjects. People walking in an almost empty space. No artifice.

Just watching. I do not take my nice camera every day.

Crunchy peanut butter bars.

Sand on my cell phone.

Sand in the house.

Seeing friends.
Taking my time sometimes.


Went with Kyle to the annual dinner given by the San Diego Museum of Art Contemporary Art Committee, hosted by Michele and Rick, contemporary art lovers. Sunny house - lot of cacti.
I was invited because I participated in the talk at Noel-Baza Fine Art, on the occasion of New Contemporaries II. We Had a great time.

Sketching and sketching for my upcoming solo exhibition at Art Produce in December. Wishing to do something low key but surprising and inviting. Thinking about something to give vs something to sell. Thinking about the scale of the work. should I use the second room? I still did not decide. There are so many things I can do. In fact I can do pretty much what I want. This is the nice thing about Art Produce.

Making some connections. Next week I'll meet with some people at the SDAI where I have my show. I am thrilled about that.

Taking one day after another.

A friend of mine, artist, just told me she has cancer. And money problems.

Watching the clouds, in an otherwise sparkling blue sky.

Another friend just went back to France. Hopefully she will recover quickly from the surgery she had here in San Diego. A surgery she cannot get in France. She suffered for 11 years, walking off and on, mostly with a cane, after an injury to her ankle when she was 15.
Great lunch together in Pacific Beach, close to the beach. She was telling me about her work in France. She has a show about History on TV: she invites politicians, writers, to talk about their books. I like her laugh!

Michael Jackson in pain. Dead.
in pain too. Dead too.
Long gone her beautiful smile and her unbelievable hair.

Seeing some shows.
Always concentrating on what I feel connected to.
Not the rest.

Tired of the endless wars: the big ones, far from here and the little ones, right here. Isn't it possible to be forgiven and compassionate to each other? Why the wars far from here and the people dying do not give us the desire to love more, to listen more?

I hear big words and big thoughts about what is going on in Iran.
But what do we do here, where we live?
Are we capable of real attention?
Could we be less judgmental?
More compassionate?

Talking to my neighbor. He gave me some beautiful lemons from his tree. I made some lemonade for all the kids. Sometimes the house is full, they all play Hide and go seek.
Lots of screaming!

Looking for the best series of paintings to show at Project X Art in Solana Beach for their first show which will be a group show at the end of August. Exciting.

Updating my website as often as possible with Dreamweaver, I still have to write some code some time to time!

Listening to my Pandora station.
Snow Patrol.

In the end we all die. No surprise here. But for now we are alive and it is quite amazing.

Years ago I lost a friend, she was 34. She had cancer. I remember going to the hospital every night. We talked, we laughed. We had a very good time. We were there, together, knowing that the end was close. And we just took a day after another. She was so alive and so close to die at the same time. I remember coming back to my studio each night, not sad. Light somehow. We shared something precious that I never forgot.
I still see her smile.

"Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life"

Snow Patrol / Chasing Cars

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