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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Peace here, hell there. Natural disasters strike anytime, almost anywhere. That is where we live: Earth, our planet is always under tectonic pressure. That is impossible to change.

What could be possible to change however is the way poor countries build their constructions. By now, like in any rich country, anything should be built with "anti-seismic" norms. It is not a question of money, it is a question of organization.

It is not acceptable that each time a strong earthquake hits a poor country, the result is devastating.

My dear friend Frederique is leaving Marseille, France, in a few hours, with a rescue team to help in Haiti, after a 7.0 earthquake hit Port-au-Prince. I am worried, it looks really dangerous right now with all the buildings waiting to fall.
She is an extraordinary human being and doctor.
knowledge, patience, compassion, and a lot of humor too. She has an amazing experience with emergencies (specially traffic accidents).
I wish her a safe mission. I hope I will get news from her soon.

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