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Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank You!

with Patricia Frischer

(all photos by Muthu)

The talk (It started more like a talk and then it was more like a conversation!) Saturday night at Art Produce went very very well. I have the strong support of my family and friends, I cannot thank them too much for being there! We shared what was for me a strong moment. I talked for 20mn - I explained the genesis of the show - and then there were very good and interesting questions. Many of them. I will soon post a video.

Patricia Frischer (SDVAN) introduced the talk, Tania Alcala (who has a show right now at L Street Gallery, San Diego Art Prize 2009 nominee) was there, David Avalos, Katherine Sweetman, Keli Dailey (San Diego Union Tribune), Lori Lipsman, Leslie Ryan, my dear neighbors Nick and Elisabeth, my friend Claudia who helped me so much for the installation of the show, her husband Joey, Joseph, Janine Free, Irene Abraham, Drew Snyder (The Andrews Gallery), Fanny and Michael and their friends,
Anna Zappoli Jenkins and Dan Adams, Jane La Motte, Stephen Curry, Dennis Paul Batt, Muttu, Bill, Alexander Jarman, Manager / Public Programs (San Diego Museum of Art), Katy McDonald, Deputy Director for External Affairs (San Diego Museum of Art), Alfusainey Suso (Kora player), and all the people I did not know!

I've got very nice messages from people who could not come. I missed them! Some people came before the talk and could not stay, or came after the talk. I had the pleasure to see and talk to Perry Vasquez (who has a new piece at the Children's Museum in San Diego right now), David White (Agitprop), Ellen Dieter and
Shanna Trenholm.

It was an excellent evening!

I am happy to have organized different events around "Lucy, Darwin and Me". I see them as an important component of the show. The next (and last) one is this coming Saturday, a discussion with Leslie Ryan and Deborah Forster: "Darwin's Weeds". For those who are in San Diego, don't miss it!

It will be the scientific point of view on Darwin. Something I really wanted.

I am more an more thinking about a collaboration with scientists for some future pieces.
Very exciting perspective!

"Lucy, Darwin and Me"
Art Produce Gallery
until January 24
open every day through the Cafe Carpe Diem
From 7:00am (yes!) to 4:00pm.
3139 University Avenue
San Diego 92104
619 584 4448

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