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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 SJ01: Build Your Own World - Fantastic Biennial!

Out of the garage, into the World / South Hall

Inside South Hall, a view on Growbot Garden's workshop
[ZER01 is inviting independent artists, designers, architects, engineers, programmers, and corporate and academic research programs to publicly work in San Jose’s 80,000 square foot “South Hall” to create projects for exhibition, performance, provocation, and interaction.]

Tomato Quintet

Eyebeam / Ticket Machine

Cheese Computing / Growbot Garden

Name your Price / UC Santa Cruz


Empire Drive-In

2010 01SJ, the San Jose Biennial, was a fantastic mix of events! The theme this year was "Build Your Own World" and it is exactly what it was: an archipelago of ideas/propositions/realizations/dreams.
Museums and galleries hosted great exhibitions. "Absolute Zero", a street festival, featured live performances, live music, multimedia shows, participative installations. In South Hall, transformed into a giant lab, "Out of the Garage into the World" proposed talks, workshops, works in progress, presentations and films. Public Art was commissioned throughout the town, a symposium was organized on Global Warming, a Green Prix parade took place in the streets.

It is the second edition of that biennial, it was quite extraordinary for me to witness it as a newcomer! It was very exciting to discover all the projects, an amazing mix of experimental and institutional events. Lots of energy, lots of ideas and a load of collaborative works and/or participative works. Lots of different venues.

Green Prix Parade

I have no idea how something like that can be organized! It seems crazy to me. Of course I missed a lot, I had to make (difficult) choices. I enjoyed myself a lot. I saw people excited, really interested by what they were seeing, enthusiastic, happy!
I made some short videos, it gives a little idea of what the biennial was.

In previous posts, I talked about some of the venues participating in the biennial, like the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), or the San Jose Museum of Art. Also I posted a video about Robin Lasser (public art). See o1SJ Biennial tag.

Karrie Hovey: The Garden Grows

A Season in Hell, Multimedia performance @ Stage
(I'll post more about this impressive event!)

The Biennial, with its energy and all the questions it generates is an excellent occasion to reflect on all the different art practices today. The more I see what is going on in the bay area, the more I believe bridges between art, technology and science are not only encouraged here but they are wanted. I can see an extraordinary diversity and artists trying different paths, crossing boundaries.

I am excited! But now I have a ton of questions concerning my own art and practice. But that's good.

2010 01SJ is produced by Zero1

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