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Friday, August 27, 2010

ZSALON: Robin Lasser talks about (and takes us to) "Floating World", a temporary public art installation by Robin Lasser and Marguerite Perret

is a monthly event in San Jose and I've just attended my first one last Wednesday. It takes place at the headquarters of ZER01 The Art and Technology Network.
The place was packed and buzzing with discussions.
Danielle Siembieda, ZERO1 Social Media Manager and Barbara Goldstein, San Jose Public Art Program Director, introduced the night.

Artist Robin Lasser talked about "Floating World", a public temporary installation, made on the occasion of the 01SJ Biennial, which takes place in San Jose in a few weeks, September 16-19. The 01SJ Biennial is a major event, a burst of new ideas and technologies, a hub where artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, citizens and the city connect.
It's a world of possibilities. I cannot wait to experiment it.

Robin Lasser is an energetic, down earth, animated
(and modest) artist, talking about her work with a communicative enthusiasm. Her work is mostly in the public art sphere. Lasser definitely wants to address society problems, but being the positive person she is, the aesthetic solutions are definitely beautifully poetic.

"Floating World"

Ms. Homeland Security: Illegal Entry Dress Tent,
40" x 50", 2005
by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao (photo Robin Lasser)

She talked for about half an hour about "Floating World" which she created with Marguerite Perret. She also talked about The Dress Tents (nomadic wearable architecture) she creates with Adrienne Pao and which are sewed by Kimo Pledger and Elly Azaria. Her work implies collaboration with all sort of people. That's a huge part of the process and she loves it.

After the Zsalon, Robin Lasser took us to the site where the temporary installation is situated. It was really nice to walk downtown. Also it was Zombie night, so we saw a lot of zombies in the streets along the way! Should have take some pictures!

We arrived at the bridge at twilight. Perfect timing. Robin Lasser - who comes to the bridge almost every night to check on the installation - says that's the time of the day she prefers. The daylight was decreasing and the tents were starting to glow from the inside. I love that installation. The sounds. The voices. The mix of dream and reality. The beauty of the light and colors and what it makes think about.

Homeless' tents in Paris (photo AFP)

(photo AFP)

I had the chance to talk to Robin Lasser and I told her that her project reminds me of the homeless tents in Paris installed along the canals. I do not know if they still exist. But at night they were like small red paper lenterns. A beautiful vision of a sad reality.

If you are in San Jose, go see "Floating World". I'll take my kids this week-end. At twilight.

“Floating World” by
Robin Lasser and Marguerite Perret
The project is commissioned by the City of San Jose Public Art Program in collaboration with ZER01 and the 01SJ Biennial.
WHERE: on on the bridge that crosses over the Guadalupe River at San Fernando Street in downtown San Jose.

(408) 916 1010

152 N. 3rd Street
, Suite 210
San Jose, CA 95113

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