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Saturday, August 7, 2010

South First Fridays in San Jose

This event takes place every first Friday of each month. I went there last Friday for the first time. Here are the new places I will get familiar too.

participating in "Cheek to Cheek", part of "Conservation of Intimacy"
visit the photo gallery here

Bernie Lubell: Conservation of Intimacy
Exposed: Today’s Photography / Yesterday’s Technology
- San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
560 South First Street
Conservation of Intimacy is definitely a "Please touch" exhibition. Very playful and poetic.
Photos of the whole installation here.

Fernando Chamarelli: Pangea @
Anno Domini
366 South First Street

Fernando Chamarelli

The Art of Politics @
MACLA - Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana
510 South First Street

Melanie Cervantes: Brown and Proud
5-color screenprint

Jesus Barraza: Las Flores

5-color screenprint, 2008

Works / San Jose - community art and performance center

451 South First Street

Ben Alexy: Salvation for the Modern World

(Now you can have your troubles and be happy too)

And a light dinner pause @ Caffe Trieste!

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