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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Michele Guieu's 'Defragmentation' by Drew Snyder

Michele Guieu's Defragmentation
by Drew Snyder
San Diego Union Tribune / Visual Arts Blogs
December 21, 2010

"With their vague silhouetted bodies and landscapes, Michele Guieu's paintings have for some time been about memory and the past. Through a process of digitally transforming her own photography and translating it on to canvas, her work retains an old photographic quality, acting like a kind of monument to the family albums that serve as lock boxes for many of our most intimate yet estranged memories.

While nominally a painter, Guieu's solo exhibitions usually take the form of installations. In her latest show at Project X: Art in Solana Beach, she maps out a unified display built from a number of different parts, incorporating paintings on canvas, murals on the wall, and video components."


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