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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Natural Bridges Beach Park and Castle Rock State Park

Bonne année à tous!
Weeks have gone by: the holidays, my mom visiting from France, friends visiting from San Diego... And here we are, beginning a new year already.
I did not post much on my blog. In that period of time, what I did quite a few times is to go walking/hiking, to some of the amazing places around here. And to go to San Francisco too, but the call of nature is certainly very strong here.

It rained a lot but we had some beautiful days.

These photos were taken in Natural Bridges State Beach, in Santa Cruz. We were there to see the Monarchs butterflies, which migrate each year at this time and stop for a few months in a sheltered eucalyptus grove nested in a small canyon next to the beach. Although it was fairly cold that day we saw many clusters hanging on the highest branches of the trees and quite a few butterflies flying around.

This below is Castle Rock State Park.
A serene place, very close to the place where I live.

Broceliande forest is what the place made me think of.

I took this photo when we were close to Castle Rock and on our way to Castle Rock Falls.

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