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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I bought my first Mac a few years after I graduated from my art school in Paris, when Photoshop and Illustrator - and at the time QuarkXPress - bloomed, with the amazing possibility to work on beautifully designed fonts which looked slick at any size, color charts that were accurate, vector files with endless possibilities of transformation. The Mac was THE computer for graphic designers. And it looked beautiful! I immediately loved the interface and the way everything was thought to create professional contemporary design. At the time there was simply no equivalent whatsoever.


Jane is a said...

I'll always cherish the day that press-on type like Lettraset became obsolete for me. I've never really known who to thank, but obviously it was Steve Jobs.

Michele Guieu said...

I remember I was still in my art school - we were sometimes still using Letraset! - and we were amazed by what graphic designers around the world were coming up with, like April Greiman in the US and Fukuda in Japan. They were all exploring this amazing new tool, the MAC! Suddenly Letraset looked really really old and SO limited - and very expensive by the way. A MAC was not cheap but suddenly we could try and try again and find solution we would never have thought about before.
I remember the thrill!

Anonymous said...

To me, Steve Jobs was the Leonardo da Vinci of our times...innovator, humanitarian, artist, writer and a man who embodied all of the best characteristics of the human spirit. He will be GREATLY missed but never forgotten. His light will shine from our eyes for generations.