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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The End of the Dinosaurs

Today, six hours of (almost) uninterrupted work, starting at 7:30am. Worked mostly in the garage, listening to KPBS. Finally found something with the colors. Worked on two portraits, one of Harper, one of Milo. Projected some images on the paintings in the corridor, it's dark enough when I close the doors.

The phone rang at noon, it was my mom. She is coming from France for the opening of "Contemporaries II" at Noel-Baza Fine Art. She is pretty excited about it. I am happy she will be here.

When I left the house I found a package on the porch. A treasure box arrived from France. A late Christmas present. Books and chocolate. What could be better than that?

We went to the library, checked out a pile of books, mostly comics - Batman and Spider-man.

Read stories to the kids. They are fascinated about how the dinosaurs disappeared from Earth. The huge meteorite. "How big was it?". The diameter is estimated between 4 and 6 miles. "Could it happen today?".

We started to make together valentine's cards for their classes. Being with them, watching them drawing, cutting, gluing... The dinosaurs are forgotten for now. I am thinking about my images. Always.

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