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Monday, May 25, 2009

Voices: Mapping the Hood / A Multi-media Interactive Collaborative Installation @ Art Produce Gallery

Voices: Mapping the Hood @ Art Produce Gallery
A Multi-media Interactive Collaborative Installation
May 17 - June 28, 2009

"Stone Paper Scissors, Eveoke Dance Theatre, TranscenDance Youth Arts Project, North Park Main Street, and the Cultural Worker have collaborated to create Art @ the Core: Building Community whose goal is to increase access, engagement, and participation in the civic process through community cultural development. Envisioned as an interactive collage, the installation is a giant pop-up book that tells a story you can walk through and contribute to. The idea was to physically, metaphorically, and cognitively “Map the Hood” with all our various collaborating partners, architecture students, professional artists, children, teens, and community members."

When one enters the gallery, one can see the wall with all the photos of the people who participated in the exchange.

I am happy to have participated in this adventure. I really like the idea of interactive and collaborative installation. I went there during the North Park Festival. A lot of people already exchanged gifts: there were a lot of photos on the wall. To participate you must give an object. Then you can take one. Someone takes your picture and put it on the wall. you put your name in a book next to the name of the person who offered the gift you are taking. One of my painting was gone, the other one was not yet on the wall (all the objects are not on the wall at the same time, the wall is re-filled regularly!

my participation - two 4x4" paintings

I found a toy truck "Champagne Mercier Epernay"! - that's the gift I chose!
Jim Erwing: "Enjoy this toy from Belgium/France.
A gift from my daughter in remembrance of my toy car/truck
collecti9n from my boyhood."

Richard: "Goldfish"

Scott Thomas: "Pine Cone from Sea Ranch"

Lea Dennis: "Fragment from bar @ Commonwealth Cafe"

Rodrigo: "I'm heard when I speak the truth. To be heard
is to be acknowledged and recognized as a human."

"My voice is unique, makes my heart beat.
The sweet soound of my voice will be
heard in eternity
My voice needs to share truth
That has been suppressed by
those that view people
by stereotypes
My voice is important in our
community because it knows
plenty of people
The more is shared
the easier community
can happen."

Voices: Mapping the Hood
A Multi-media Interactive Collaborative Installation

May 17 - June 28, 2009

Art Produce Gallery
Art at the Core

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