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Monday, April 5, 2010

Peaceful day with tremor

Back from a few days in spirited Moab (very much needed).

Spent some good time yesterday at dear neighbors'. Such an amazing day.

Felt the earthquake as we were saying goodbye, standing on the sidewalk. Pretty strong, rolling. We were already outside, there was not a better place to be. We looked at our feet. Minutes after, the map showed up on the USGS' website. 6.9 upgraded 7.2 an hour later. Did not felt any aftershocks. We were in la Jolla, walking on the beach with a dear friend from New York we do not see enough, checking the small tide pools with the kids.
The seals did not seem stressed out. They were all sleeping, rolling and stretching on the beach, some of the babies feeding in the soft light of the end of the day. The tide was coming back up.

Did not think about taking a screen shot of yesterday's map on USGS' site so those ones are from this morning.
One interesting thing with the USGS' maps is that one can see all the smaller events occurring almost at the same time around the area where a strong earthquake hit. It shows an intense activity: 332 earthquakes on the second map. Almost all of them happened since yesterday.

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