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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking Down "Defragmentation"


I am back from my week-end in San Diego. Or, more precisely Solana Beach and Encinitas. I arrived Saturday night and went directly to the gallery in Solana Beach to take down the show. I've got some nice help from Lori and Janine.

Since I work on installations, taking down a show is never a nice moment because the show, in a way, is being destructed.
I worked on "Defragmentation" for months and then I installed it, but now that it's gone, it's like I am really gone.
I felt I was really leaving San Diego yesterday.

I finished what I had to do at the gallery Sunday afternoon, it took hours to finish packing. Had the pleasure to see a couple of friends visiting while I was at the gallery. I went for a walk with Janine on the beach in Encinitas. The fast changing colors and lights were exhilarating. But it made me think about what I am missing since I've left.

The drive back went smoothly, I love that drive - except going through L.A. But there were not many people anywhere. My old car is not playing CDs, does not have a connection to allow listening to Pandora on my phone and the radio is really bad.
So I had some time to think and just enjoy the landscapes.


afferret said...

immensité... éternité!
j'aime ces couleurs, cet espace!

Michele Guieu said...

J'aurai bien aime avoir mon appareil photo (en panne), je n'avais que mon telephone!

Lori said...

Things are never really gone.
And one never really leaves.
It all still exists.

I know I really miss your presence here in San Diego.
Being able to do things together, but you are not gone.

I have found over the years that taking down an installation can be magic.
It no longer matters how good or bad it was, no one will be able to experience it like that again. And for those that had that opportunity, it’s special.

Thanks for this recent opportunity.

Michele Guieu said...

Thank you Lori!
You are right.
Things are changing all the time, it's just difficult for me to accept it sometimes.

And I think that the exhibition is not complete without including the time of the creation, the time of the installation, and the taking down. It is difficult to document (and to explain) properly.
The time of the showing is just one of the steps. I realize that.

It was great to see you - Thank you for your help!
I miss you - would love to go for an art run one of these days :)