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Friday, June 24, 2011

A CD Face with the 2nd Graders

material: a piece of cardboard, scrapes of colored paper
from a previous project, buttons and wiggly eyes,
colored tapes, a used CD, stained craft sticks
a sharpie fine point

This is the last project I did with the children at school, with both the 2nd and the 4th graders. With the 4th Graders, it was a day before school ended and I had no time to take pictures of their finished projects. So the photos here are about the 2nd Graders' projects.

This project is not inspired by an art piece like we did previously. It is the occasion to put together different materials and to experience with them.

This was a short session - one hour and a half - but it worked.
I explained to the children that the project was about making a face with a CD (the shinny side) and decorating the background. We talked about what the face could be. They proposed an animal, a self portrait, a friend, a monster, an alien.

I give them some printed circles on white paper to draw on the face before to trace it on the CD, just because we had only one CD per child. But they were not obliged to do it. They could directly trace what they wanted directly on the CD. And some children did.

They could use one, two or all the different materials available.

I told them that most likely, the answer of any of their questions that day would be "Yes!" - because they started to ask questions like: "Can I use ALL the different colored tapes?" "Can I use lots of wiggly eyes?", "Can I brake the wooden sticks and use pieces of them?", "Can I cover the cardboard with tape?"...
"YES!" :)

I enjoyed watching them experiencing with the materials and having a good time!


Jane is a said...

I love those SO much! Were the 4th graders' faces substantially different?

Michele Guieu said...

Not much different!But the 4th graders had only an hour to work on them, 30mn less than the 2nd graders. I'll post some photos for you tomorrow - I have a few photos of the work in progress and one finished - you guess whose :)[I'll have to take the photo in day light].
One interesting thing happened: one student wanted to use the CD to make the nose, and attach it perpendicular to the cardboard - and he did.