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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moisés J. Nascimento and Tiffany Higgins' Open Studio: A World of Possibilities

I went to Berkeley last Saturday to Moises J. Nascimento and Tiffany's
Higgins open studio. I saw some of their collaborative work online before and I was really interested to see more and to talk with them. A World of Possibilities, as they titled their show, is a combination of installations, videos and photos. Each piece works independently but all together they are a very coherent ensemble where poetry and social statement are intricately sewn together.

Moises and Tiffany are enthusiastic and passionate. I am fascinated by collaborative artwork and sometimes it just works: in their world, the music, the videos or still images, the sounds and the words just flow beautifully. And both of them have amazing voices that one can hear in the videos. Moises defines himself as a
"Dreamer, Technologist and Visual Artist", and they are both poets.

Tiffany Higgins and friends (photo cafemoises)

Moises J. Nascimento

Soul's Distress, 2011, assemblage: digital photography, rubbish wood, stencil, old collage book.

The Ladder of Success

To climb the ladder of success
First, start with the clothes: undress
Before every door of every meeting
Kneel and bless the floors, the ceilings
Love the expanses, the limitless
You will need to give everything away
Touch the soul's distress
Success is coming apart
Begin your metamorphosis
Say yes, yes, yes
Trim excess. Return caress
Let love be limitless
Value the valueless
First, bless the comfortless
To climb the ladder of success

Tiffany Higgins

In the background: Four Elements, photo taken on the Big Island

What Happened to my Gold Fish?

Tocaianga Teaser (part of Moises and Tiffany's ambitious and very promising documentary film in progress: Duas Americas (Through the Americas on a quest to build a shared dream)

The Hero Against the Wall
: How an almost fortuitous encounter becomes a great video. Beautiful.

More photos of the opening by Moises here.

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