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Thursday, February 21, 2008

In the Beginning @ UCSD Art Gallery

"In the Beginning"

Today I saw the exhibition “In the Beginning” at UCSD Art Gallery in La Jolla and I loved it!

It’s a world of words: 20 artists working with words presented in a completely renovated space. There is a lot of text to read and, in some case, the text is not meant to be read, like in the video by Jesus Aguilar “Dante’s Inferno in 8mn 34 seconds” where the words are scrolling full speed. There is quite a lot of humor like in the playful open piece by Danielle Gustafson-Sundell “it’s midnight and I’m lonely, 2007”, which is spread lightly on a huge wall. I really like that piece, partly because it has no clear limits: the little elements crawl on the wall, they could be presented in a different way (you can see the same piece on her website and it does not look the same although it uses the same elements - I think this flexibility is great). “Another world is possible” by Mark Titchner is a large print on a billboard-like structure across the first room which greets the visitors. The sensation of energy and color is very strong in the first room.

When I walk through the exhibition - and although it is all about words/sentences/texts - I do not feel that I need a lot of references to understand what is going on there.

info here.

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