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Monday, February 18, 2008

Solo Exhibition theme

work in progress

Different people are present in the series I am working on: people I know (family and friends) and people I don’t know, far away from where I live and who do not have the freedom I am enjoying. In my artwork I am trying to express the very strange truth that it is possible to enjoy life even if the world is upside down. It does not mean I ignore what is going on. It means I want to be awake, to be there, to listen, to look, and to watch carefully. I am trying to do that because I have the incredible fortune to have my basic life needs satisfied – which unfortunately is not something granted. It gives me the time that a lot of people on Earth simply do not have and it is an amazing luxury I do not want to waste.

I am still working on the title of the exhibition. I was thinking “Here it’s Peace, there it’s War”, but lately I prefer “Here it's Peace”, because some pieces in the show will obviously not be about “here” so the contrast should be interesting.

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janella said...

I hope you show a lot of works in progress on this site.