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Monday, April 7, 2008

An Art Project with Children

Work in progress

I am working on a project with the children of my youngest son’s class for the school’s carnival. Although the theme was chosen by the school (Under the Sea), I am really trying to let them do what they feel like. I like to watch them while they paint. They usually are very calm, very into what they are doing, taking time to choose the colors they use. They usually don’t talk too much. One thing strikes me: they rarely hesitate. When they are done, they say they are done and that’s it. They have no problem sharing the same surface, they do not judge what another child did or is doing, and they seem happy to participate. The project takes several sessions because there are about 20 children and I want each of them to take the time he or she needs.

I could be in my studio working on my images and paintings, but it is my choice to come to the school and do the project with them. It is the second project with this class for the upcoming carnival. Next year my child will be in kindergarten and I know that, unfortunately, he will not have a lot of time to paint just for the pleasure of painting.

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