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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Freedom From The Known

A Time to Heal #9, 2008, 24"x24" [50cmx50cm], digital print

I feel terrible to live in a world so upside down, knowing that people are dying in wars, from diseases, that a lot of them don’t have enough to eat. My personal exhibition in June, “Here it’s Peace” will reflect on my conflicted thoughts about being able to live a happy life in an ugly world.

I am reading Krishnamurti’s book “Freedom from the known”. Each page is extremely interesting. One thing Krishnamurti says is that we are all responsible. If you look around you, wars are everywhere. “Do observe what is actually taking place within yourself and outside yourself in the competitive culture in which you live with its desires for power, position, prestige, name, success and all the rest of it – observe the achievements of which you are so proud, this whole field you call living in which there is conflict in every form of relationship, breeding hatred, antagonism, brutality and endless wars.”

To know that I am contributing to the existing chaos is terrible but it makes totally sense, because the world is whole and I am not isolated. There are wars I can definitely work on, even prevent or stop: the ones in my daily life. I am seeing them and I am definitely trying to change.

There is more to come about this book.

Thank you Ivan for making me discover Krishnamurti!

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