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Thursday, April 10, 2008

"March 17, 2008"

“March 17, 2008”, 2008, 36”x36”, acrylic on canvas

March 17, 2008, is a “normal” day. I chose it randomly. Nothing special – except that, like every day, a lot of things happened that day in the world. I copied all the headlines from CNN online and stamped them in the background of the painting.

“March 17, 2008”, detail

On top of the portraits, I stamped again some of the words. But despite the litany of the words we all hear every day when we listen to the radio or when we watch the news, we are living our daily lives.

Beginning of the text in the background: "Updated 7:03 p.m. EDT, Mon March 17, 2008 - Latest News - Poll: Three-quarters think U.S. in recession - Ticker: Obama confronts racial rhetoric head on -Seventh body pulled from crane collapse site - American film crew kept from China protests - Olympic boycott possible? - Stakes are enormous in Iraq for McCain - Iraq war and your family - Ex-Beatle to pay $50M in divorce settlement 39 min - Up to 14 tornadoes hit Atlanta - Foreclosure family forced to live in camper8 women win $276M lottery - Pilots investigated for falling asleep - Gas spikes to $5.20 a gallon at one pump - Online campus gossips won't show faces - Naked man runs amok in grocery store - Majority of Democrats prefer Obama - New York crane collapse caught on camera - High-speed chase - No new primary for Florida Democrats… etc..."

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