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Monday, April 14, 2008

MCASD – Family Day

Family Happening
Soundwaves: The Art of Sampling
Sunday, April 13 > 2-5 PM
MCASD La Jolla

I love to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art. And I enjoy being a member. I try not to miss a single family day, which occurs on an irregular basis. It is always interesting and stimulating for the children. The settings are great: lots of space, and sometimes, like today, things are going on in different parts of the museum. Today we enjoy live music by the Modlins in the main gallery while we are doing a hands-on project. There is a lot of material on the table: magazines, cotton balls, buttons, glue, scissors, wire, small PVC plumbing pieces, transparent pieces of plastic, small sheets of shiny paper, sequins, etc. The idea is to fill a jar with things, to shake it and to listen to the result. We can keep the jars.

Then we go to listen to a story teller, which tells us two stories about sounds. Very funny!

The nice thing is that we can visit the ongoing exhibition in the museum.

We see “Matrix II”. A very impressive piece, the kids don’t want to leave! Thousands and thousands (1150 we counted) of super small green lights which look suspended in the dark. The space is completely and mathematically divided. We can walk in it, but we have to be careful.

Erwin Redl: MATRIX II is the premiere showing of the artist’s theatrical scale light-emitting diode (or LED) artwork since it was acquired by MCASD in 2007. This room-size work offers viewers a space that seems to recede in all directions, as if the walls were mirrored. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, the room is filled with grids of phosphor green LEDs, creating an immersive web of light.”

From the oceanfront Miles Terrace

After Matrix II we go to the oceanfront Miles Terrace, where tables are filled with hangers and beads, colored masking tape, CDs, clips, glue. The idea is to make a sculpture with all of these things. Everybody enjoys it, the time goes super fast and soon it is 5:00 and the museum closes! The kids had a great time, and the adults too! We leave with hands full of jars and sculptures.

I am very happy that my friend and his son loved it, we have new aficionados for the Family day at the Museum!

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