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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bailout Package: Gallery Benefit / all works $100 at Spacecraft Studio

David Adey

Craig Kane - "Love"

Richard Gleaves and "Love"

A lot of pieces were sold when we arrived at Spacecraft Studio. Works by David Adey, Miki Iwasaki, Craig Kane, Matt Wedel, Cara heslip, Zuri Waters and many more artists. Lots of drawings, a few sculptures. My favorite: "Love" by Craig Kane. So light in every way. A fresh breeze. Also three sleek wooden sculptures by Miki Iwasaki.

Richard Gleaves, Kyle and Kevin Freitas
next to Miki Iwasaki's sculptures: "Love and Hate",
Life is temporary", "Smoke and Mirrors" (all three: wood with nails)

I don't know how this Gallery Benefit show can help (if sold, all the items represent a total of $4700) but I really hope Spacecraft Studio will not close.

Spacecraft Studio
San Diego, CA 92104

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Kevin Freitas said...

Probably not the smartest move thet have made as a gallery...