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Monday, November 10, 2008

Dave Ghilarducci: "Figures of Speech" at Colosseum Fine Arts

Dave Ghilarducci

I met Dave recently, on the occasion of the "Dada Dinner", part of the series "Eat your Art Out". He is passionate, has an endless energy, is very organized and a loves to cook. Dave is a sculptor and a chef!

Friday night I took my family to the opening of his latest exhibition, at the Colosseum Fine Art Gallery in the 2400 Kettner Street building. After we walked through long and narrow corridors, we finally arrived in a small - and crowded - gallery.
Dave was very busy talking to a lot of people, and we did not spend a lot of time with him but the whole Dada Dinner group was in the gallery, including "Silent Alex".

e discovered 10 bronze sculptures, each presented on a simple wooden table. They illustrate poetically 10 "figures of speech": ducks in a row, wolf in sheep clothing, all dressed up and nowhere to go, idle hands are the devils playground, take the bull by the horns, caught with your hands in the cookie jar, barking up the wrong tree, watched pot never boils, balls in your court, like a bat out of Hell.

"Idle Hands Are The Devils Playground"

I particularly like when the figure of speech does not talk about an animal, for example "Idle hands are the devils playground" and Dave chose the animal - the rabbit in that case. A group of still rabbits becomes the ideal pray of an invisible predator. Same thing with "Caught with your hand in the cookie jar" where Dave chose a mouse to represent the person caught.

"Balls in Your Court"

"Ducks in a Row"

The children playing with "Ducks in a Row"

When the sentence is "Ducks in a Row", the ducks are already part of the game. But then you can remove the ducks from where they each stand so that they are not in a row anymore. The play with the sculptures is part of the poetry of the pieces and the children loved to touch and move the different elements around. Art one can touch, I definitely like that.

The children playing with "Wolf in Sheep Clothing"

"Like a Bat Out of Hell"

Colosseum Fine Arts
2400 Kettner Blvd
- Suite 109
Little Italy district
San Diego,
CA 92101
(619) 795 3704

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow Mr. Ghilarducci has a fantastic vision. I really enjoy the idea that people can play with the art. There are too many who assume that when something is labeled "art" it is also deemed "untouchable". Glad to see that there are artists out there who realize that.