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Monday, November 17, 2008

Earthquake 4.1 last night

Last night I woke up at4:35, I felt the house shaking (for me strongly) for 2 seconds. This morning I checked on the USGS website. The magnitude was only 4.1. The epicenter was 52 miles NNE from San Diego.

Last Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey was holding a state-wide earthquake drill to raise awareness about emergency preparedness in case a 7.8. quake hit California.

One thing struck me when I was listening to KPBS last week: someone called and said that it is important to always have a pair of shoes close to the bed. If a strong earthquake hit, the windows are likely to break and there will be glass everywhere. She was saying that a doctor she knows told her about the bad injuries people had after walking in the glass at night without shoes. I do not remember which earthquake it was about.

Since my childhood I remember hearing my father talking about the San Andreas fault and the movements of the different plate tectonics. He was a structural geologist specialized in tectonics. He would draw beautiful diagrams with colors to show me and my sister how it works. The first time he went to the US he visited the area of the fault.

Now I live here, and I do not think too much about it, although it is on my mind. We'll see.

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