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Thursday, November 13, 2008

San Diego CityBeat: Best of San Diego party Extravanganza

I went to the Children's Museum last night, for the first time without my children. The place looked and felt totally different: the night, the lights, the crowd, the music... There was an interesting food and beer tasting from local restaurants and breweries.

In a dim light, artists were painting in the basement.

Zirk Ubu

Zirk Ubu performed on the first floor: colorful, fast, funny, surprising, irreverent.

There was an interesting black humored strip tease dance: Death arrives on the scene and seats down. A woman appears and starts dancing for him. She is naked. Well, she wears a fitted costume painted like a naked body. Death seems bored. Then the woman removes her "skin" and reveals her muscles. Death is not interested. She removes her muscles and we see her blood vessels, her heart. Death looks more closely. She then removes her blood vessels and now she is a skeleton. Death loves it!

Second floor, on the outside balcony
(where usually the children make tons of bubbles)

The pillow fight room

I went upstairs, to the pillow fight room. It's my children's favorite area in the museum: last Saturday they spent three hours in there! But last night there were only adults. A lot of people arriving at the door (it is kind of hidden, at the end of a corridor) could not believe the room existed: "Do they really have a pillow fight room? Is it permanent of just for tonight?".
A huge fight was going on, the tires like pillows were flying high!

San Diego CityBeat
The New Children's Museum

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