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Friday, February 20, 2009

After the opening of New Contemporaries II

I went to the Community Recreation Center in the neighborhood to leave an envelop for Fatima, with the prints of her picture. Hopefully she will come to pick it up.

I am working on a painting for the "Idol Worship" show coming up at Art of Framing Gallery. I am very interested in the theme. Maybe I should focus entirely on the solo show coming at the SDAI. I am also working on a series of paintings.
Always working on several paintings at the same time.

We went to see "Coraline" yesterday in the movie theatre in our neighborhood (we did not see the 3D version).
The very strange story of a daring little girl with blue hair. Milo was not sure. The preview was scary he said - because of the buttons. Beautiful, beautiful movie, creepy for sure, very poetic, somewhere between "Pan's Labyrinth" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas". The first thing the kids did when we came back home was to draw a small door on the wall in their bedroom and to hide it behind a Lego case.

Saw a young guy on a parking lot, wearing an over sized pair of jeans with a large silver skull belt buckle covered with diamond-like stones. A woman walking by, says "Hi" to the guy and adds "Nice belt!". The guy says "It really pulls my pants down though!"

Not many comments about the work I have in Contemporaries II right now. Received a very nice email from Iana Quesnell though. Made my day. I missed her at the opening.

Feel kind of alone with my work. Do not belong to any group or movement.

The Snapshot "Changing Perspectives in the San Diego Art Scene" last night was very interesting at Art Produce,
Lynn Susholtz' gallery. Organized by Kevin Freitas (Art As Authority). Last chance to see "Front Curtain" by Richard Gleaves installed in the gallery. Lots of people showed up and the room was packed, some people who could not even get in. Nice panel: Philly Joe Swendoza (Art Rocks!), Robert Pincus (Union Tribune), Patricia Frischer (SDVAN) and David White (Agitprop Gallery). The moderator was the young, talented and calm Katherine Sweetman. The discussion was very much needed. I know it is only the beginning and I really hope there will be another panel discussion like this one. There is more to do and more energies to put together.
Very nice conversation afterward with Kevin Freitas, Richard Gleaves, Steve Gibson and Kyle.

I took a video of the discussion, now I have to do something with it. But the memory space on the computer is completely full so I cannot copy anything yet...

The kids are building a tree-house in the backyard. But the tree is overlooking the canyon so it is kind of dangerous. They really want to built the house, it is an obsession since they saw "Bridge to Terabithia" the other day on DVD. They saw it twice actually because of the tree house.

I worked on a poster about Charles Darwin with Milo for his class. It's Darwin's birth 200th anniversary this year and there are lots of programs about his work on the radio. I Cannot believe that some people still don't make the difference between religious beliefs and science.

Milo saw the shoes high on the red light pole. I always have my camera handy when I am in the car. I took a picture.

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