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Monday, February 16, 2009

In Balboa Park

At school, white blossoms against the white sky.
Can't be late at school. Always have to check the time, and usually around that time I am in the garage painting. I am kind of always late anyway. A few minutes. Sometimes I do not have the time to change my clothes. The children say "you have paint on your shirt, you have paint on your pants". They say it less now, they get used to it.

I went to the San Diego Art Institute. In June, I will have a solo show there and Dennis VanderVlist will have a solo show at the same time. We were interested in the same space to show our work. Marc Pickett, the administrator of the SDAI, proposed that we tossed a coin to decide. So Saturday, I took the kids there to find out who will get the space. It was not a coin toss. Marc had prepared a plate with 5 folded papers on it, on each of them a hidden number, from 1 to 5 (the higher number wins). Dennis VanderVlist and I picked a paper. Dennis got #1. That was it. I will use the same space I had in June 2008.

We were in Balboa Park and I promised the kids we would go to see a show at the puppet show at the
Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theatre: "Chu Chu the Red Dragon". I love to take them there. It is a very old theatre and they do not have a lot of money to run it, but they have very often a new show and it is always poetic and creative.

The parking lot in Balboa was covered with water, the kids were fascinated. Wanted to run through it, of course. I took some pictures.

When we left, we saw that the Circus Vargas was on the parking lot on the other side of Park Boulevard, next to Inspiration Point, In Balboa Park. I realized that we never went to the circus together. I also wanted to be sure that there were no animals - or at least not too many!
The following day the four of us went there. Harper said "It is the best day ever!".

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