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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ivan Sigg + Eric Meyer: Mail Art surprise

Mail Art Ivan Sigg + Eric Meyer

The invitation for the show at the SDAI (June 2008)

Received from my friends artists Ivan Sigg and Eric Meyer, who live in Paris, a colorful and very interesting envelop! Ivan started to work with the invitation of my solo show at the SDAI: "Here it's Peace". Then he sent it to Eric who sent it to me! Et voila. My postcard developed into a whole new world!

Thank you! It is a beautiful surprise, I love it!

Here's what is written behind the envelop:
[Eric, ca te dit de bidouiller cette enveloppe debutee a partir d'une oeuvre de Michele puis de lui envoyer?
- Bien sur Ivan, que ca me dit! D'ailleurs voila, c'est fait! je poste! Michele, Kyle et les enfants, un grand bonjour de Paris-France, on vous wembrasse! Art-micalement!!

On Eric and Ivan's blogs you will see powerful exemples of mail art they send to each other, and work one after another. Strong collaborative work.

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